What the Cubs Need to Do to Stay in This World Series

5 tips that could turn this thing around for Chicago

It’s nearly impossible to win the WS after going down 0-1. 1 of the last 13 have done so, 2 of the last 19, and 4 of the last 28.


And it’s gotta sting a little extra that had Johnny Cueto not had the flu during the All-Star game, they may have had home field advantage in game 1.

But if the Cubs want to beat the odds and pull this off, here’s how I think they’ll have to perform.

  1. Duh. Win game 2. You basically have to.
  2. Get a run off Miller. That would get the team so juiced, and the opposition so anti-juiced, it could really help the momentum.
  3. Jake Arrieta, be Jake Arrieta. Do your Madison Bumgarner impression like you did last year.
  4. It doesn’t have to be Kluber, but embarrass an Indians starting pitcher. I think it would remind the Cleveland Racists and baseball fans that you have the best run differential, not them. You have the MVP, you have the Cy Young, not them.
  5. Maybe the route of accomplishing tip #4, Schwarber hit a ball 5,000 feet. Ideally at Wrigley pinch hitting. If that big, lovable clutch idiot can hit a how-is-he-not-juicing no doubt bat flip bomb, I think you can really freak out Cleveland.

I would write out just about any other team in this situation, but I’m not going to write off the Cubs just yet. Think about what Boston did to break their curse. Magic happens magically. If any team can do it, it’s this team. Don’t take this too lightly Chicago, but don’t hang your heads too low either.

Like I said in a previous post, you have next year, so take a deep breath and get it done this year. If you win it’s gonna be history, make it historic.





Nick Buccola