The NFL vs My Bank Account: Week 9

Total money wagered: $67.25
Potential winnings: $60.00

The picks (in bold):

1. Jacksonville +7.5 @ Kansas City $16.50 to win $15.00
Jacksonville has been getting crushed. Tennessee beat them by 100 points and KC has comparable defense with better offense, not to mention Andy “I Am The Walrus” Reid. I didn’t even need to look at the spread on this one.

2. Detroit +6.5 @ Minnesota: $10.50 to win $11.00
Not ultra confident about this one, but if Stafford can light it up for at least a quarter or two and Detroit can do what the Eagles and Bears did to the Vikings’ injury stricken O-line, I love ’em getting almost a touchdown.

3. Denver pick ’em @ Oakland: $26.25 to win $25.00
Carr is the man, and has served me well this year, but I just don’t think he’s quite good enough to beat that Denver D outright. If they were getting any points I’d consider the Raiders, but I like the Broncos to take this one in my kinda sorta lock of the week.

4. Philadelphia +3 @ New York Football Giants: $14.00 to win $10.00
Reallllly feels like a trap, but I can’t stay away from a potential constant-scrambling Eli at the hands of the Eagles top 5 if not top 3 D line. Phili is legit this year, and hungry as they may be, I can’t say the same for NY.

5. Pittsburgh +2.5 @ Baltimore
Don’t have the option to bet on this game on any of my sites, but I like this game a lot and will throw down on the Steelers if it becomes available for me closer to kickoff. With or without Big Ben, Pittsburgh has looked pretty good. Their defense is porous, but their offensive weapons can guarantee them quite a few points against the Ravens’ less than stellar D.


I don’t like this week much at all as you can tell by my wagers. So many of these lines feel like Vegas traps and I just need the weekly lock of the Patriots to get me cocky. Lots of solid games which often means not solid betting games. We’ll see tomorrow.




Nick Buccola

Betting on TNF

I’ll have my regular NFL vs My Bank Account post up tomorrow, but since I’ve got money down on tonight’s game, I wanted to post the pick before kickoff.

Jacksonville +3 @ Tennessee $22.00 to win $20.00
Simply put, I don’t think Bortles can get it done against the Titans’ solid defense, especially in Tennessee. Plus, I love integer lines because if it does come down to a Tennessee field goal win, all I have to do is kiss my sister. And need I say it’s gotta be tough to win in the liver disease color rush jerseys.





Nick Buccola

PS Never betting on the Titans again because of how many tries it took me each time to spell Tennessee. I know there are 2 Ns 2 Ss and a capital T, but apparently my fingers don’t.