How Are We Still Telling Cam Not to Run?

This argument has been alive since week 1, and I thought it died out when management and players said they wouldn’t limit his rushing attempts to avoid injury, lengthen his career, etc. And I’m not saying I don’t understand it at all, they’re probably right about these means achieving those ends. Staying in the pocket is safer. But let’s be logical, let’s look at the actual player and team we’re talking about.

The Panthers don’t have Tom Brady, they don’t have Andrew Luck, they have Cam Newton. Running is his thing. But some Panthers’ people want to keep him safer to do what? Be an average pocket passer longer and more often? He’s a threat cus you never know when he’s gonna run for a 36 yard TD. Cam Newton is Cam Newton because of his ability to do that.

If you’re worried about concussions, teach him to dribble a basketball or swing a bat. If you’re worried about winning games, LET. THE BOY. RUN.

Riverboat Ron and Cam both clearly agree he should be running the football, can we now just drop this? Reducing his rushing game isn’t gonna happen because it shouldn’t. Let’s move on. Cam has.




Nick Buccola

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