Can We All Settle Down About That Cardinals Seahawks 6-6 Game?

The uproar over this game has really brought to light how spoiled and unsophisticated NFL-only fans are. If you are a true sports fan, hell even a true football fan, you loved this game, or at least didn’t mind it.

I get not liking the result, our constitution basically starts “We the People Hate Ties.” But flipping out over it is too much. I personally loved this game because it was a reminder that sports are supposed to be hard. Winning games is supposed to be hard, a feat too difficult for either team to accomplish last SNF.

Ever watched a baseball game? US World Cup Soccer? It’s fucking impossible to score in those two sports, and when someone does, it’s awesome. You don’t go nuts for every layup in the NBA, you go nuts when once every 5-10 possessions, something truly extraordinary happens — an out of nowhere dunk, a three in a player’s eye, a sprinting down the court come from behind swat. Suspense is what makes sports great, not just the scoring.

Macro, we’re fine with how hard it is to win a Super Bowl. When you have the Patriots standing in your way and still manage to get a ring, well, that’s why those things are all iced out. I think the same thing applies on a micro scale. When the confetti blasts everywhere and the team runs onto the field after a week 4 out of conference game, it’s because it’s deserved. Celebration is special because it’s not easy to come by. It takes a game like this to remind us of that.

Also, can this game serve as proof that kickers matter? And that they’re pretty fun to watch? I had lots of gambling and fantasy stake in this game, and some people (Cards/Hawks fans) cared about the outcome. Those of us who cared went nuts when those field goals were missed. Kickers decide games all the time, just because they don’t score TDs or bash into each other all the time they suck? I don’t buy that one bit. Kickers’ WAR matter. Period.

I think if you found this game boring, you should have found the Saints-Panthers score at will game boring as well. I genuinely like football. I like defense and high pressure kicks. Hell, I like seeing a deep well placed punt. Because it’s what makes the rest of the game so beautiful.

So breathe NFL-only fans. Both teams play this week and they’re both coming out FIERY about last week. And that’s gonna be nothing compared to the next AZ-Seattle showdown.

And if you still just can’t imagine a game with “no action” ie no TDs, put your own action on it for god sakes. Ensure the juice by buying some. There’s nothing like potential eviction to make you care about field goals. Go out and gamble, like a true American. If I can do it, so can you.





Nick Buccola

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