Do the Warriors Have to Be Likable to Be Good?

I kinda think so.

Okay, obviously they have lots of woes (I guess just one woe so far) due to play style. They were the premier 3-point shooting team, so what did they do? Balance it out a little? Nope. Just the opposite. If you have only three shooters, your rebounding, defense and getting-the-other-team-in-foul-trouble-game are bound to suffer. Just look at the makeup of the court when Golden State has the ball. They have four guys waiting behind the arc and one guy fighting an entire team for boards in case the aforementioned four miss. No one is disputing how risky their strategy is.

But why might it REALLY tank? I say mental issues.

Steph and Klay have been so effective because they’re relaxed. They look like they’re having fun out there, and being 3-pt specialists, they need to. Try a little experiment. Forget defenders, shoot around by yourself two different ways. First, try taking a deep breath before shooting and remind yourself it’s no big deal if you miss. Take 10 shots. Next worry yourself somehow. Push ups for misses, think about a scary movie, whatever and take 10 more. I can just about guarantee you’re going to do worse the second time around.

And think about what the Warriors now have to worry about. They were the most lovable team in the league last year — you had Stephy Sweetheart, Kalm Klay and Draymond was a shithead, but he was our shithead. Great mix of personalities and you could tell they were all not just teammates, but boys. Best friends, just take a look at this. Love it. We all did.

Let’s start with Green. From the playoffs on, Draymond has established himself as the worst guy in the league. The crotch kicks, come onnnn. The crotch shots? JESUS. I don’t have a problem with ripping a dick pic or two. If Brett Favre does it, anyone can. What I do have a problem with is saying your snapchat got hacked, then almost immediately abandoning ship and going with the “I’m a bad person I gotta work on it” mitigation. Once you say you got hacked, you stick with it. It’s a bulletproof defense. No one has a fucking clue how celebrity phone hacking works; you say you got hacked I just believe it. And I’m not alone there. Don’t make the change to a melodramatic “I need cock shot rehab” excuse, it’s just weird and uncomfortable for all. I never loved him, but I truly hate him now. As long as he is on that team and doesn’t make HUGE changes to his mentality and behavior, I think I’m a Warriors hater. Shut up, shape up, and do your job.

Then, they pick up the Sultan of Sulk, Kevin Durant. I used to like him more than Russ, but after this non-stop bitchy behavior I can’t stand him and can’t wait till Westbrook drags his nuts over KD’s face for a backboard-shattering slam this season. Not letting your teammate know you’re leaving before signing with another team, problems with each other or otherwise, is a bullshit passive-aggressive move. Didn’t think he could get more passive-aggressive? Well, never count on that one with KD. He makes the “selfless play” comment and then has the gall to pretend that wasn’t a blatant shot at Westbrook? Get real. Plus he’s another quiet guy which they have plenty of, and their only loud guy just succckkkkkks as a person, especially now.

I know, that’s a lot of shit talk about a team I kinda sorta root for (as a Kings fan, you have to once your team hasn’t broken double digit wins halfway through the season), and I’m not completely writing them off yet.

But here’s my point.

They’re really no longer all that lovable. And that means if they lose, they won’t be lovable losers. And that means they can’t lose. And that means they can’t miss threes. And what happens when you feel you can’t miss threes? You miss threes. And if they miss threes, they’re beyond F’d. They are as all in as you can be on one aspect of the game — an aspect that relies on a positive mentality, and they’ve sort of done all they could do to draw in negativity.

I think if the Warriors can re-up their likability, (Draymond stops kicking and dick picking, KD stops bitching #Poetry) they have a better shot at well, hitting shots and therefore winning games.

I wish Steph, Klay and Iggy the best of luck, but I wish Green and Durant the worst of luck. I think lots of NBA fans agree with that sentiment, and that could pose major issues for the Dubs this year.




Nick Buccola

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