Why Chicago Should Be Relaxed Heading into the World Series

First of all, I think you’re going to win, and so does everyone else. The Cubs are the best team in baseball, that’s no secret. That shouldn’t be pressure, it should be confidence. It should be excitement. Look at that staff, look at that lineup, look at that pen. You’ve got a whole lot of winners. And sure, so do the Cleveland Racists. But the Cubbies are so fucking flooded with talent, no other team’s talent should intimidate them.
Chicago, look at what you’ve done so far. You’ve beaten the undisputed best playoff team of the last five years when we all thought you were dead. Then you beat the best pitcher of the decade (and for that matter, my lifetime — and most of your players’ lifetimes). You are good enough to be fearless now. If you win, you could easily be looking for a dynasty.

And let’s say you lose.

Then what? Then, you’re still the best team in baseball, and will be for a long time. You have enough young talent to keep you better than competitive for the next 10 years. Take a look at your club by age.

Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Hendricks,  – Superstars. Ages: 24, 27, 23, 24. Oh yeah, and Chapman (if you keep him which you don’t even need to) Age 28.
Baez, Russell, Contreras – A hell of a lot more than promising. Ages: 23, 22, 24.
Lester, Zobrist, Arreita, Fowler, Wood – All Stars on any given day. Ages: 32, 35, 30, 30, 29.
And those are your basically “old” guys.

The negatives are so slight. Ross is done, sure. Heyward is only 27, he has time to learn to hit again.

Tell the curse to fuck off for a second, and think about this. Do you really think Joe Maddon and Theo Epstein are gonna let this team become bad? Really? I say no shot.

So take a deep breath Chicago. You can afford to lose this one, which should be just enough to keep you relaxed enough to win this one.





Nick Buccola

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