The NFL vs My Bank Account: Week 7 Results

Week 7 Record: 4-1

Net Earnings: +$79.00 (not including parlay)

1. Washington +1 @ Detroit $16.50 to win $15.00 – Win

2. San Diego +6.5 @ Atlanta: $11.00 to win $1o.00 – Loss

3. Oakland pick ’em @ Jacksonville: $11.00 to win $10.00 – Win

4. Seattle +2 @ Arizona: $17.75 to win $15.00 – Win

5. New England -7.5 @ Pittsburgh: $61.00 to win $50.00 – Win

I feel… Weird. This is… odd. Am I good at this? The numbers indicate I am, but that just doesn’t feel right. I feel like Clayton Kershaw throwing 5 scoreless in the playoffs. Or Barry Bonds passing a drug test. Just like “uhh… Yeah… That was me, I meant to do that… nothing weird going on here…” *tugs collar* The New England and Seattle picks were very dicey at points, but then Rob Gronkowski and Chandler Catanzaro existed. And I would have won a shitload if it weren’t for those meddling Falcons blowing a massive lead. Fumble 6 and you lose the game? Come on. The football Gods are furious with you. So 4 and 1, maybe bet with me before the four horsemen show up. I’m feeling confident, which is a great sign I’m about to completely fucking melt down over the next few weeks. We’ll just have to find out.

Season Record: 7-2-1

Season Earnings: +$56.50




Nick Buccola

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