How Jim Harbaugh Thinks Concussions Work: “The Brain Resets”

Fast forward to about 6:05 to see Jim respond to a question about Chris Evans’ concussion suffered during Saturday’s game against Illinois.

“He got hit, he went out there for a little bit and uhh some of the experts say it’s a good thing when that happens… I hope I’m saying that right, this is what I’m hearing from doctors.”

Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re not saying that right unless by doctors you mean your inner thoughts. Are we at all surprised Harbaugh thinks this though? If you asked me to guess what Jim Harbaugh’s general understanding of a concussion is I would say uhh either that they’re a hoax put on by players too lazy to continue competing or he just thinks it resets the brain and can be a positive thing.

Unreal shit Jim, you NEVER disappoint.




Nick Buccola

P.S. I honestly might just scrap “2BitCritic” all the music, TV, baseball and basketball stuff and rebrand this “The Jim Harbaugh Blog.” It would be more fun for all, especially me.

P.P.S. He wears cleats during games. I will be mentioning that every time I mention Jim Harbaugh going forward.

He wears cleats. Coaching football games.


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