The NFL vs My Bank Account: Week 7

Total money wagered: $110.50 (not including $4.51 to win $110 parlay)
Potential winnings: $95.00 ($205 w/ parlay win — Yeah right…)

The picks (in bold):

1. Washington +1 @ Detroit $16.50 to win $15.00
The Washington Racists (new nickname) defense has been a little disappointing, and Stafford has been the opposite. I think Cousins has a big game, but simply, Stafford has a bigger one. I like the small line given Detroit’s momentum.

2. San Diego +6.5 @ Atlanta: $11.00 to win $1o.00
Atlanta should be good, and they finally are. I think they win by a TD at least. They almost beat Seattle’s staunch defense last week, and they face a not even fake-good, but rather fake-decent San Diego defense this week.

3. Oakland pick ’em @ Jacksonville: $11.00 to win $10.00
Jacksonville fucks up all the time and Carr has a chip on his shoulder after that KC loss. I think this is the game that gets Oakland rolling again.

4. Seattle +2 @ Arizona: $17.75 to win $15.00
I almost never bet against AZ cus they usually cover, and I never bet on Seattle because I hate them so. But the Seahawks getting points is too hard to resist, and my crystal ball has Carson Palmer having a little meltdown this week. Plus, Russell Wilson knowing his boys can swim and feeling honored to be able to do god’s work (procreate, procreate, procreate, no sex for fun) could give him a little boost.

5. New England -7.5 @ Pittsburgh: $11.00 to win $10.00
***5.1 New England -7 @ Pittsburgh: $50.00 to win $40.00
At one point, when Big Ben was still kinda sorta questionable, the line was -7 and I couldn’t resist getting down given the John 3:16 of gambling (The Pats always cover) and my confidence that rapist was going to be on the sideline. -7 or -7.5 this is still my mortal lock of the week. My only concern is that the line is way lower than I’d expect it to be, and that screams Vegas knowing something we don’t. Still, I just can’t imagine the red hot Pats not slaughtering the Steeler’s inconsistent offense and consistently bad defense.




Nick Buccola

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