Odell Beckham Jr. Just Can’t Decide if He Wants to Be Likable or Not

Oh, Dell…

The poor play, crying, and hitting the net. We don’t like him.

The comeback, hugging the the net ha ha ha okay Odell way to make fun of yourself, we like him again.

Sick game, great job… proposing to the net aaaaand we (fans, coaches and teammates alike) hate him again.

Come on, man. It was really fucking embarrassing when you threw your fit and took it out on the kicking net, and it was a pretty good play to make up with it the next week. But then, the audacity to go for even MORE attention and propose? Now it’s just weird, taken too far. So if the net is your fiancee what you had a little domestic abuse issue then played well so you’re back in love? And you keep the joke going through the post game interview? Just give it up and keep playing well, people will love you for it.

Move past this net shit man, every interaction now just reminds me of it clocking you in the face vs the Redskins.

I get that he’s only 23 and I actually give him a little leeway for that but now I’m just out of leeway to give. If you fall down we laugh at you, if you joke about having fallen we laugh with you, but then when you immediately take that joke further, we’re out of laughs and it just sucks.

Just shit on your opponent, wipe your ass and flush homie. No need to frame the toilet paper. You’re so sick on the field, if you just shut the fuck up off the field, people will forgive and forget.





Nick Buccola

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