Ladies and Gentleman, the Single Greatest Self-Defense Video of All Time

The very definition of must watch content.

MUST, MUST, MUST watch here folks. Can’t stress that enough.

Bas Rutten, MMA legend has a very unique approach to self-defense. Well, more of a very unique approach to making a self-defense video. I get setting your video in a bar, because you never know what type of trouble you’ll get into surrounded by other drunk people. But what really sets Bas’ technique apart is that he incorporates bar fight-specific elements and more importantly he basically has you committing a murder by the end of this. He tells you to “create distance and grab a chair,” he suggests pretending not to want to fight and then slitting the assailant’s throat and recommends bouncing the guy’s head against the table “ten times or something.” He even gives you a situation wherein you stab another gentleman in the liver. Finally someone explains that one, right?

His accent is great. His “bang bong boom” sound effects are even better. But what I really love about this video is that in most of his scenarios you are the one starting the fight and it goes to the death.

The image Bas has of self-defense is just fascinating. In his world, people making comments about your wife warrants bashing — or as he calls it “bouncing” — a man’s head into a wall or stabbing him until he’s dead. Forget the funeral, the murder charges, Bas believes in justice. He believes in good guys and bad guys, and thank god you’re watching his video and therefore a good guy.

Because the bad guys end up in the ground.





Nick Buccola

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