Fuck the Guy Who Wouldn’t Carry a Gun in WWII and Fuck Andy Garfield for Playing Him

I didn’t do any research past watching the trailer for “Hacksaw Ridge” once and refuse to, but here’s what I gathered. Some bitchass didn’t believe in carrying a gun, so he wouldn’t when he went off to war without one and managed to save 75 lives. Well guess what, if he manned up and just grabbed a rifle he probably could have hit triple digits.

You know who else didn’t carry a gun? That asshole that let Tom Sizemore die in Saving Private Ryan. And if you’re a true patriot, you’re not done hating that guy, and your hate should spill over into despising this hippie.

I of course wouldn’t last a minute in the war, but you can bet your sweet ass I’d be holding a gun failing to hit any nazis that whole minute and at least trying.

Here’s the trailer by the way.

And just so you know, I’m not trying to disrespect the troops, just this one. And relax, I cemented my spot in hell long ago so now I’m just running with it to make you laugh. You’re welcome for biting the bullet for your enjoyment.





Nick Buccola


P.S. I have to say though, the movie actually looks pretty good but that’s not funny so I’m putting it here.

One thought on “Fuck the Guy Who Wouldn’t Carry a Gun in WWII and Fuck Andy Garfield for Playing Him”

  1. This is a gripping film with forceful storytelling about a remarkable war hero. Its also one of the most violent sensory assaults that can be experienced in a cinema; that makes it a great movie in my book.


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