The NFL vs My Bank Account: Week 6

Total money wagered: $112.75 (not including $4.29 to win $100 parlay)

The picks (in bold):

1. Jacksonville +1.5 @ Chicago: $5.75 to win $5.00
Why do I put money on Blake Bortles? Yeah I showed some restraint keeping it to six bucks, but why? Just why? When your only answer is to add another team to your parlay, you’ve got yourself a bad answer.

2. Cincinnati +9.5 @ New England: $16.50 to win $15.00
Gronk back, Tom back, Bengals D has been shit, and the Patriots always cover. How could this go wrong? I guess we’ll find out.

3. Dallas +4 @ Green Bay: $57.50 to win $50.00
My mortal lock of the week. Please A-Rod, please prove to me that you can beat Dak at Lambo by more than a field goal. It’s just not that hard.

4. New York Jets +7 @ Arizona: $17.75 to win $15.00
Arians with a chip on his shoulder helps me bank on a chance Fitzmagic will throw double digit picks.

5. Indianapolis +3 @ Houston: $15.75 to win $15.00
I’ve just consistently lost so much on Indianapolis, this is basically to spite them.

There it is. At the end of the day I’ll report how I did. And next time, the picks will be in before the games start.




Nick Buccola

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