Incoming Blog Series: The NFL vs My Bank Account

I’m starting to notice a trend. Every time I put money on football Sunday I lose money. It’s genuinely fascinating. I look at expert picks, research QB ratings and defense vs position rankings, and avoid just betting on teams I like. Still however, I have such a consistent failure rate it’s almost spooky. Paranormal even.

So, for science, I’m gonna start documenting all of my picks, how much I put down, and tracking wins and losses throughout the season starting with my picks for this week.

I’ll make five picks a week and make bets anywhere from small to shmedium, given my blogging salary of 15 dollars per never.

Obviously I’m late on this week, but it’s my first week making more than 2 picks, so I’ll still post them just so we can get an accurate total of the toll the season takes.


Trust me, you’ll know I’m being honest based on the success rate. If anything, you’ll think I’m lying because it’s hard to believe someone actually trying is wrong this often, but rest assured, I’m not.

Coming right up.





Nick Buccola

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