Watch Mark Schlereth Basically Lose His Shit on National TV

Feel free to skip about a minute of this. The first part, that skippable minute is Schlereth talking about how important fatherhood is to him, how spending quality time with his son is far more important than his career. He gets just a little choked up.


Things get wild.

His son makes a surprise Father’s Day appearance and it totally knocks Schlereth on his ass. He almost starts sobbing the second he sees his kid, and to deflect the emotion of the situation he just blurts out this “Heeeeyyy Boy!” Grade A dad shit. Crying-wise, things only go downhill from there.

And his son, Daniel Schlereth yells “SURPISE!!” in the most odd way you could ever imagine, that’s the true highlight of the video.

Then Daniel goes on to tell a story that I am blown away was accepted. He either didn’t run his story by ESPN first or the guy who normally approves stuff like that was sick that day. Fascinating story choice, I’ll let you see for yourself.





Nick Buccola

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