The Sacramento Kings’ Owner Is a Real Piece of Shit

Always thought it, now there’s proof.

Before I get into what he said, just look at this fucking guy.



I just got off the phone with Merriam Webster and (she? he? they?) agreed that a picture of Vivek Ranadivé shits on the current definition of smug. And that’s what he ALWAYS looks like. I’ve gotten the chance to sit court side and I’ve seen it for myself. The only time he smiles is when he’s talking to a celebrity or ass-kissing groupie sitting next to him. Anyone else, he won’t give the time of day.

He’s pompous, unfriendly and known to be terrible to the season ticket owners. The cool thing about the Kings other than that they used to actually be good is they’ve kind of been a family business. Sure, the Maloofs damn near ran said business into the ground, but they loved basketball and genuinely cared about their supporters. This guy doesn’t care about any of that. He cares about money and his own image.

This is the asshole that said since his daughter’s basketball team has had success using a four man defense with a cherry picker waiting at the other end, that the Kings should try it out too. IN THE FUCKING NBA. Yeah, we’re so good at defense let’s lose a guy, I’m sure that will work out. It’s truly sad that the ultra rich with no passion for or understanding of the game are vulturing up struggling franchises.

And to promote that image, he recently said that when he showed up, there was no one around who cared about the team, no one wanted it in Sacramento and nobody availed themselves in assisting him. Wow, what a hero. He saved our beloved (or if you ask him indifferent-ed) Kings! The only problem with this is that it has absolutely no basis in fact.

Geoff Petrie, one of the best things to ever have happened to the Kings, the Saüvage who got Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond, felt he had to intervene. And Petrie is well known to be the opposite of a “let me intervene, let me intervene!” type of guy. He’s soft spoken and generally stays behind the scenes. But Ranadivé’s comments were so disgusting and utterly false that Petrie felt compelled to say something. He called Ranadivé’s remarks “a sophomoric attempt at revisionist history” and “ugly lie[s].” Which is just what they were.

How fucking dare you Vivek? How dare you shit all over the people that actually DID help you to keep us in town? How dare you come in with your tech-money bullshit and insult all of the hardworking people that strove to save your franchise? Typical top .1% behavior. Shit all over the people that helped you get to your position.

Go fuck yourself, your nose-up-in-the-air attitude, and the accent in your last name that just took so many extra seconds to type.


How’s that for a cow town response?





Nick Buccola

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