Stop What You’re Doing and Check Out Donald Glover’s “Atlanta”

Spoilers? None.

See it? Definitely.

Quick rating – 11/10

Two episodes in I could tell I had a new favorite show. This show is so fucking good I can’t formulate a sentence that will do it justice, so I’m just gonna start throwing out adjectives. Impossibly intelligent, insanely real, SO well thought out, GREAT music, GREAT storyline, GREAT acting writing production. Head to toe just a special show.

Glover is the creator, star, writer and producer. Every single topic he tries to discuss, he nails and most importantly, he doesn’t harp on it at all. Race, music, crime, socioeconomics and more could be so easy to overdramatize but instead it’s all just about perfectly depicted through an Atlantan lens. He tackles all of it, and lays it the fuck out. The struggles feel real and so does the music (the original music is actually GOOD, not just good for a show). And hell, it actually is real. I won’t give it away but there is an incredible cameo by some real ATL rappers a few episodes in. As authentic as TV gets.

You will laugh out loud and think deeply. That combo is so rare that it only comes by way of true genius, which Childish Gambino has in spades.

If you like rap or Donald Glover at all you need to check it out ASAP.





Nick Buccola

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