Earl Weaver on “Manager’s Corner”: The Day Radio Peaked

Earl Weaver, baseball’s angriest manager in history is known for his tirades on the field, but check out this one off the field. How this appearance by Weaver on the Orioles’ network segment “Manager’s Corner” isn’t world renowned, I will never know. This is quite possibly the most off the rails, could never happen today, how did it even happen then piece of media ever aired. Listen to Earl GO OFF with a seemingly endless series of curse words and insults directed at his own team and Orioles’ fans alike. I truly cannot comprehend how anyone thought this would go well or even be airable, but thank god they did. This is without a doubt the best baseball person video and quite possibly the best on-air rampage there has ever been. Blows Bill O’Reilly out of the water.

Absolute must watch content here folks. A psychopath in his prime.








Nick Buccola

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