Hard Shuffle of the Day: Wednesday, 10/12

I’m actually SO pumped about this one.

Big Brother by Kanye West

In this tribute to his “Big Brother” Jay Z, Kanye shines a light on just what went wrong in the two superstars’ professional and personal relationship. It’s authentic, self-effacing and above all, genuinely regretful. This is the sweet Kanye we all remember and cherish. When he was just the creative amount insane, not the vomiting on a subway insane.

He gives plenty of props to Jay and fairly assesses how they both contributed to the falling out. While touching on what Hov did to tarnish the friendship, he mostly apologizes and lays out his own wrongdoings.

For some reason I could almost cry when I listen to this one. The big brother little brother metaphor really gets to me, and I’m an only child. It’s the raw honesty of lines like “So here’s a few words from your kid brother, if you admire somebody you should go ‘head tell ’em, people never get the flowers while they can still smell ’em” that will tug at your heart strings if you even slightly identify with Yeezy.

Some of us do, some don’t, but anyone can enjoy this apologetic letter from a man to his hero.





Nick Buccola

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