Movie Review: Sully

A solid telling of a more than solid story.

Spoilers: Next to none. I think you know how this story ends.

Quick Rating: 7.5/10

See it? Yes.


Here’s why:


My favorite part about the actual dialogue and the content of the movie — as opposed to the way it’s put together — was how the pilots were portrayed. Head to toe, how they looked, acted and spoke to one another. I like to picture the pilots of America as mustachioed savs that are right about everything, constantly dropping well spoken knowledge bombs on those around them. And that’s just how they were portrayed in this. Hanks looked more like the real Sully than I expected to, and Eckhart committed nothing short of murder in the first degree on his upper lip with a TIGHT furry stache that was born for two things: flying jets and munching box. And the two — along with a few other pilots managed to hit a lot of definitive scene ending banger statements without seeming corny. The movie was about strong, intelligent men, and they looked and spoke as such.

Also, I liked that the movie wasn’t just focused on the “OH MY GOD COULD YOU IMAGINE” of the situation, while still doing that aspect justice. We got a lot more about the behind the scenes aftermath of the Miracle on the Hudson. And other than the NTSB being a little more untrusting and aggressive toward Sully than I imagine they actually were, it all felt pretty real. Even Katie Couric got in on the action with a nice little cameo. Speaking of cameos, beware that BITCH Skylar from Breaking Bad shows up to antagonize our (literal) hero. Try not to fill with rage as I did, temporarily losing my ability to separate actors from their former roles. She is solid, and the right amount hateable. Oh yeah, and can you picture a better worried wife than Laura Linney? I can’t. She nails it.

The writers also succeeded when it came to explaining the heroism of the event without it being a “SULLY! SULLY! SULLY! USA! USA! USA!” fest. We get a great blend of positive civilian reception and Sully’s inner worry.

My close second favorite part of Sully was the editing. It’s a challenge to make people interested in a story they already basically know, a challenge that the movie, with lots of help from the editors surmounted gracefully. The bouncing around in time was pretty phenomenal, especially for a non-artsy true story. It was almost always smooth, and when jarring, it totally reflected the jarring-ness of the actual situation. When they make you uncomfortable it’s because you should be.

All in all, it was a tasteful, accurate telling of both what we knew and what we didn’t know about The Miracle on the Hudson. Dramatic, but not melodramatic as Eastwood flicks can often be. If you were inspired by the story and think Chesley Sullenberger is a hero, just wait till you walk out of Sully.

***Also, conspiracy theory: the geese were moving fast, but I think I heard some Arabic screeching before diving into the engines. Radical Islam activists? I’m just asking questions  I didn’t say ISIS but… Those geese were definitely ISIS.






Nick Buccola

PS See? I CAN do movie reviews under a million words.


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