So, Travis Kelce is a Douche…

He has a dating show. Called “Catching Kelce.” So, I no longer like Travis Kelce.

Bravo why do you have to ruin our sports? (Or E or whatever, your networks are all the same to me, just like all of my sports networks are the same to you. Let’s call it what it is.) Isn’t poisoning the minds of young women with the various Housewives/basketball wives/mafia wives/wives wives shows enough? You’re getting greedy.

But yeah, Kelce is a total tool for 30 minutes while gold diggers fight for him. It’s as simple as that. If you read this, you really don’t have to watch cus I just spoiled the whole show.

It’s awful and as much as I want to like him and like him on the field, he sucks, show sucks.






Nick Buccola

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