Get Rich Quick Scheme: Pick a Fight with Conor McGregor

We all want money, here’s how to make some.

By now, everyone has heard about Conor McGregor losing his shit (yet again) and throwing water bottles at Diaz and his boys for taunting him. And then getting fined $150,000 for doing so.

So here’s my suggestion. If you see a drunken (I just assume he and the rest of Ireland are pretty fucked up a majority¬†of the time) Conor McGregor out and about, try and start a fight with him. It seems to be pretty easy based on his entire appearance and everything he’s ever done. And think about it. Yes, you will be assaulted with one of his four deadly weapons and yes, there’s a good 30-80% chance you will die right there on the spot.


If you do in fact live, imagine how much money you will make. Brain damage shmain cramage. Throwing some waterbottles and not even hurting someone cost the guy 150k. You take a punch or kick to the dome as a normal human being, and you get to meet god¬†AND wake up a multi-millionaire. You die, your family is set for life. I say roll the dice and just call the guy a pansy. That will be plenty to get that giant leprechaun fired up enough to risk his entire career, reputation and livelihood on taking you out. You’re looking at one punch and maybe a brutal rest-of-your-life speech impediment and probably 1-5 million.

Or just keep slaving away at your 9-5 till you grow to resent yourself and all your loved ones.

Your call.






Nick Buccola

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