Cubs @ Giants NLDS Game 3: Wifebeater Blows Save

0-2, we had ‘em right where we wanted ‘em.

Just as Cubs fans were jerking off about how much of a genius Joe Maddon was for putting in that WIFEBEATER (WIFEBEATER WIFEBEATER WIFEBEATER, HE BEAT HIS WIFE — well his baby mama actually — with fists that move 103mph by the way) for a 6 out save, somehow, Conor Gillaspie blue balled the cubbies by smacking a two run triple into deep right center.

Then the hottest guy of all time ruined it all. (yeah, I’m not gay but I would still probably fuck KB if propositioned.)


The only way the Giants ever win is from behind and when they have no other choice.

Who knows from here, the last time the Giants were down 0-2, they lost by bigger margins and came back to win it. Finishing off the Giants is clearly pretty hard, because the team with basically the two best starting pitchers, two best hitters and the best closer couldn’t even do it tonight.

13th inning walk-off courtesy of the second hottest guy of all time B Craw getting on base and baby faced Joe Panik finishing it off with a double in just about the same spot as Gillaspie’s.

10th straight elimination game won by the Bay Bombers. What else can I say but keep beliEVEN?

I sure am.





Nick Buccola

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