Make Sports Fun Again: Basketball

Just one suggestion, Basketball’s already fun but it could be even better!

Basketball is pretty damn fun as is. They kind of have it figured out. Other than the four point line, I don’t think the NBA needs make any fun changes.

But think about 4 pointers. It needs to be DEEP. Real deep. But once that is sorted out it would be a blast. You’d have completely unathletic distance shooters coming in and blasting game winners. Fun and hilarious. The Kyle Korvers of America could be premier players. Now that’s fun. It would make the end of games far more exciting, as opposed to intentional foul-fests that draw out the final minutes and shatter point spreads.

I know what you’re thinking, it’ll ruin fundamentals. And yeah, to some extent it would. I’m not disputing that. But think about the first one Lebron hits. People would go nuts. The truly great fundamental players would figure it out eventually, just as they’ve done with the three point line.

And quite possibly my favorite part about it would be how it would affect playbooks. You could have some insane trick plays. Kick it around, draw attention to the basket and then kick it out to the three point line. Pump fake and kick it out AGAIN! “FOUR POINTER, HE DID IT! CURRY DID IT!” Sounds like fun to me. Even more effective could be draw attention to the four point line and then sling it to the basket for a surprise slam. Fake four point shots turning into savage alley oops? That’s some shit I’d like to see.


Wouldn’t you?





Nick Buccola

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