Ambiguous Signs Behind the Press at Debates Are What’s Making America Great Again

The all time one is PFT Commenter’s (by the way PFT you’re my hero) “Is Joe Flacco a ELITE Quarterback?” sign.


But now we have yet another gem. Hillary meant to say “fact check him” but stumbled and it sort of came out “fat check him.” Then, some yet to be named hero in a stroke of genius sprinted to his posterboard and sharpie to document the mistake and hold it up behind Jake Tapper and co. Here’s a close up of the sign.

fat check sign.png

Thank you sir. Thank you dearly. I love this trend of signs that express no political bias, just a distraction from the shit show. People sitting at home are probably saying “get that jackass out of there, he’s taking away from my candidates points!” Well I’m sitting at home saying “good.” If you don’t know who you’re voting for yet, I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot. It’s legends like this guy making these pointless debates watchable with such timely and clever trolling.






Nick Buccola

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