Conspiracy Theory: The Dodgers Used Orel Hershiser’s Stem Cells to Create Clayton Kershaw


Two of the Dodgers top 5 (top 5, top 5, top 5) pitchers of all time look almost exactly alike. Add a few decades to Kershaw’s face and what do you have? Hershiser, just better at pitching. But what else proves my theory? The BIG hook. Two of the greatest north to south curveballs of all time. Both throwing them in eras where the big hook is kind of dead. In the 80s, baseball coaches around the country began abandoning instruction of the harsh mistress that is a pure curveball. Sliders, sliders, sliders.

So, decades pass with this pitch slowly dying and then we get one of the nastiest true curveballs since Hershiser’s beauties out of Clayton Kershaw. Coincidence? I think not. Same weird face, same nasty hook. This can only be explained by the wealthiest team in California dabbling in DNA recreation.


Theory confirmed.






Nick Buccola

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