Giants @ Cubs NLDS Game 2: A Must-Win for Both Clubs?

Yeah, probably.

Think about it.

It’s a must-win for the Giants pretty simply because going down 0-2 to the best team in baseball (likely one of the best of the 2010s, if not the 2000s) is basically a nightmare situation. That’s pretty simple.

But is it must-win for the Cubs as well?

If they lose, the Giants will have done what every person involved with San Francisco, from fans to skipper Bruce Bochy himself has been saying. “At least split in Chicago.” It’s almost a mantra at this point. More importantly, if they head to San Fran at 1-1, they’re looking at game 4 at 1-2, because Madison Bumgarner can’t lose when the leaves start to turn the color on his jersey. Also, likely concerning Maddon and co is the Giants 2012 NLDS performance. They’ve even come back from 0-2 to advance. So facing the team most likely to come back from even their worst case game 1 & 2 scenario, I’d say splitting is borderline not an option for the Cubbies. Not to mention the potential morale buster of the league’s ERA leader losing to a former teammate making his first postseason start preceding a trip to Paul Bunyan’s home.

I think the Giants going down 0-2 heading back to AT&T and the Cubs splitting at home would be equal plights to their respective teams. I like the winner of this game to take the series.






Nick Buccola

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