Doug Baldwin is a Pretty Funny Dude

Okay first of all disclaimer. I’m a Bill Simmons guy. I love that little bastard and his whacky ideas. I highly recommend Any Given Wednesday on HBO, which is where I found out Doug Baldwin is pretty damn funny on his feet.

He had to sit next to the constantly wise crackin’ Joel McHale and I just assumed it would be awkward. All the laughs coming from the two performers — Bill and Joel — and none from Doug. I was wrong. He was calm, smart, VERY well spoken and actually made me laugh. A great moment came after Simmons asked Baldwin about a hit (delivered by DB Calvin Pryor) that required concussion protocol. In the middle of his answer, McHale interjected “you didn’t scream ‘I am the batman,’ right?” and without missing a beat Baldwin replied “no I did not… It was actually spiderman.” And he got a well deserved big laugh. Often on Any Given Wednesday athletes can’t keep up with the comedians and actors on the show, and it gets pretty awkward. (See Kevin Durants grumpy, complainy boring appearance in episode 11)

Honestly Joel McHale tried so hard the whole time, and is expected to be so funny that I would say Doug outshined him. Kinda comfortably. He even made a very solid not played out or cookie cutter deflate gate joke, which I don’t believe has been done since Gronk’s “deez nuts” gem. I wont quote it though, you really should check it out for yourself.

Even as a Niners fan I can admit, Doug Baldwin is interesting, smart, clever and just all around a really cool guy. AGW is worth a watch and this episode is certainly no exception.






Nick Buccola

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