“Top 5, Top 5, Top 5” (Thanks Drizzy) Musical Collaborations on My Wishlist

5. Drake, Lil’ Wayne, and Nicki Minaj

Pleeeeease? Please squash the young money beef? It KILLED Lil’ Wayne unless you count the Undisputed theme as a sign of life. I sure don’t. We all miss the weird Drake-Nicki sexual tension, and it would really piss Meek Mill off, which we all know leads to great music. Nicki could drop bars on bars, Wayne could drop some punchlines, and Drake could rap-sing the hook. It’s an easy recipe for success.

4. Young Thug, Quavo, and Travis Scott

Yes they’ve already made a song together, but I want a whole album. You just don’t like hip hop if you didn’t heavily fuck with Pick Up The Phone. Travis make some weird ass, dope ass Halloweeny beats like you always do, Jeffery throw in some of your patented bizarre lyrics, and Quavo keep the two grounded with some “pew pew!” gun noises, a few “brr brr!” bitch be blowin up my phone noises, and a fun new white person to mean cocaine. That’s guaranteed gold, and we would just eat it up.

3. Frank Ocean and Leon Bridges

I mean, would anyone have sex to anything else ever again?

2. Frank Ocean and The Weeknd

I mean, would anyone have dirty sex to anything else ever again?

1. Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole

This one is actually going to happen… Someday. These two are a match made in heaven. That’s no mystery. We were all blown away when Cole rapped over K Dot’s “Alright” beat, and Kendrick rapped over J. Cole’s “A Tale of Two Citiez” beat, both artist’s titling their respective tracks “Black Friday.” As soon as Bill Withers — or rather Withers’ people — drops or finishes his lawsuit against Lamar for his sample of Withers’ “Don’t You Want to Stay” in “I Do This,” maybe the two storytelling rap gods can resume work on this definitely-going-to-be-all-I-listen-to-for-a-whole-year album (or mixtape).




Nick Buccola

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