Incoming Blog Series: The Firmest Handshakes in Sports

I’ll be ranking handshake strengths of the firmest shakers in sports. I’ll give a top five strongest, a bottom five weakest and explain my picks.


  • No current athletes. This is going to be mostly about coaches. It would be too easy to just list the largest linebackers, the meatiest infielders, the Kawhi Leonard-handed basketball players. I’m talking about gentlemen on the sidelines from 40-70. That seasoned ex-athlete strength is what we’re looking for here, not a 25 year old in his gripping prime.


  • This isn’t a forearm size contest. While wrist girth will help a candidate, we’re looking for a bit more here. We want guys who not possess not only grip strength, but the mentality necessary for truly dominant handshakes.


  • PSI’s are important, but not the lone deciding factor. We want angle-dominance, ferocity of eye-contact, shake speed and shake distance i.e. length from the shake’s highest point to its lowest.


  • I’m separating the candidates by sport. As of now, it will be football, basketball, and baseball. If things go well, we’ll move into college football, college basketball, soccer and who knows, maybe an athlete edition as well.

Stay tuned.

Nick Buccola

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